"I was very impressed with the final results for your Skin Shaver Saver.
I have a trusted and valued colleague with whom I share products for validation and candid evaluation. I gave "zero" instructions to this person. I asked them to read the brochure and use the product and get back to me. The response, on a scale of 1 to 10, was a SUPER 10.  
The product (shaver & cleanser) was very well accepted among my colleagues. Comments on the shaver & cleanser combo was that there wasn't any razor burn, or skin irritation. They actually told me they received the closest shave of their life!   Price was not an objection, because the package includes the exfoliating tool, two razor blades and a starter 1 ounce tube of the facial cleanser.
My opinion is that your product is a definite home run!

"Very excited for you".

Best Regards,
Diane McKnight
Renaissance Team Skincare, LLC.    

   "I received the Skin Shaver Saver to try and even though I have only been using it for about a week my skin feels really soft.

It comes in a beautifully gift packaged box that contains  razor, the Skin Shaver Saver attachment that you use on your face, 2 spare blades for shaving and a small bottle of Ultimate Face Cleanser.I was instructed to put a small amount of the Face Cleanser on and then use the razor with the attachment side with the "little fingers" and stroke my face with it in a upward flicking motion. I did it all over my face and it really feels good. After I finish, I add a little water to the leftover face cleanser to wash my face. I also like the fact that it is so compact. When I travel all I have to take is the razor with the attachment over it and I have everything I need - my razor, my face cleanser and my moisturizer.

Thanks Skin Shaver Savers! I really love this product and I am looking forward to seeing what else it may do for my skin.

Susan (Georgia)